Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
I show and represent everyday objects in plastic art, photography, video, installation and performance in a constant back and forth from the painting. I work in diverse transdisciplinary projects connected by a series of common approaches and motivations about relationships: between people, concepts and ideas. I’m interested in the blurring boundaries and nodes in the binomial space-time, public-private, physical-digital, or individual-collective among others. Connecting them with currentness general interest topics, I raise questions about digital distance, self-imposed needs, visibility, profitability, consumption and Big Data (the analysis and sale of data generated by users).
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
His work has been exhibited in London at All Glitched Up of Tate Britain, in New York at Paella Pop Festival, in Berlin at Macht Kunst, in Barcelona at Drap Art in CCCB and at the Painting Prize Guasch Coranty, in Madrid at Espacio Trapèzio and EMERGE exhibition curated by Francisco Carpio, in Alicante at Parking Gallery and the prestigious Mardel Painging Adward. In Valencia stand out the exhibitions of the Senyera Prize, Sustratos at the IVAM Museum, the international Call of the Gallery Luis Adelantado, at the Foundation La Posta and at the Museum Centre del Carmen at PAM!PAM!. The last solo show was HORROR VACUI, curated by Marisol Salanova in 2014 at the Frax Foundation of Albir (Spain), curated by Marisol Salanova, and the installations in public libraries at the Polytechnic University of Valencia or at the Central City library of Benidorm, all of them with clothing donated through the collaborative project “Donate your Clothes to Art”. Other participatory projects are Paella Pop Festival and the online video platform #SharedDish.
Auszeichnungen / Preise: 
Juan Carlos has received several Grants as Production by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, by the A Quemarropa Residency in Alicante, and selected and awarded in some international competitions. Highlight of his further training the Innovation Program by Innovation Foundation of Bankinter in Valencia in 2011, as his working experience as guide-educator, graphic designer and artist assistant of Isidro Blasco in 2015 in New York and Javier Velasco in 2012 in Valencia.